Adding PFTs, Species, and Cultivars

Plant functional types (PFTs) are used to group plants for statistical modeling and analysis. PFTs are associated with both a specific set of priors, and a subset species for which the traits and yields data will be queried. In many cases, it is appropriate to use default PFTs (e.g. tempdecid is temperate deciduous trees)
In other cases, it is necessary to define PFTs for a specific project. For example, to query a specific set of priors or a subset of a species, a new PFT may be defined. For example, Xiaohui Feng defined PFTs for the species found at the EBI Farm prairie. Such project-specific PFTs can be defined as `projectname`.`pft` (i.e. ebifarm.c4grass instead of c4grass).
Species that are found or cultivated in the United States should be in the Plants table. Look it up there first.
To add a new Cultivar, go to the new cultivar page: Cultivarnew.